Is training safe?

All contact sports or recreational activities do come with risks.  In order to retain muscle memory, live training with other individuals is the preferred method of training. However, we take great steps to minimalize the possibility of injuries by providing top notch instruction, adequate supervision, safe facilities with proper equipment and matting, and insuring control and focus is used by all students at all times.

I have a physical injury. Can I still train?

Generally speaking, yes.  One of the best advantages of Shorindokai is its adaptability.  With very few exceptions, we are able to work within the student’s ability level by modifying techniques to allow them to still be effective and comfortable for the student.

I have trained before. Do I have to start over at white belt?

We want all students to be able to wear what belts/levels they have achieved.  However, being able to wear your previous belt depends on many factors.  The skill level you hold may equate to a lower or higher belt rank in the styles we teach, as rank systems vary from style to style and school to school.  We will usually evaluate a student during the first few classes to determine what rank he/she will be in the styles we teach, and customize a plan for each student according to their needs.

How much to lessons cost?

It depends on which programs you are interested in, how many people are training, and what options you are looking for.  We offer a wide range of payment options to fit into almost any budget. We also offer discounts to families (starting at 2 or more people), police officers, and military personnel.  We are one of the few schools in the Upstate that allow students to train six days a week at no additional cost.  We welcome you to visit our school so we can talk about what options might work best for you and/or your family.


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Mr. Owens is a great martial artist and one of the best instructors I've had the pleasure to train with. His leadership and love of the martial arts have set him apart from his peers.

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Mr. Owens teaches an awesome martial arts class. I've been attending his school for a year now and I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible!

Love that he allows a [trial] to come and work with the other students and instructors to see if this is the right place or not. Also makes the learning fun and interesting while being strict. A good strict. Very impressed with everything they offer.

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My son is a very intense boy and training at Shorindokai has been wonderful for him. He's learning self-discipline, self-control and confidence. I'm looking forward to watching him grow more under Mr. Owens tutelage.

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Great place to take kids for karate. Instructor is very patient and great with the kids!!

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